Nana Cooper’s children’s stories are a popular event on radio, with her weekly broadcasts attracting thousands of listeners of all ages. Especially popular children’s stories include tales of Ben and Sam-Puss, based on the adventures of her very own pets in the little village of Cockington! Delighting children and adults alike, her stories are now being animated by students at the local college. New characters appear quite regularly, with “Sid the Scaffolder” (a very talented spider!), and “Little Pip the Patcher” (Sid’s enthusiastic apprentice) as the most recent additions.

The Tiny Snail, story by Maureen Cooper

A Bit About Nana Cooper

Maureen Cooper moved down to Torquay with her family in the late 1980s. After a long exciting life together, her husband sadly passed away after a difficult battle with cancer. Maureen decided to try and balance her grief with work and started writing stories about her pet dog and cat based in the village of Cockington, where she made many happy memories with her family.

Maureen has her own weekly radio show, which now has hundreds of listeners from all over the world.

Whilst her stories are primarily aimed at young children, there is still plenty of content for parents and adults to enjoy too.

Nana Cooper, author of the Ben and Sam-Puss stories Maureen says, “Watching a smile appear on a young child’s face is worth waiting for. The “wow” factor is tangible. You see first the apprehension, then the relief, then the happiness in their eyes as they realise that everything is alright.”

“The underlying theme of the stories is to promote good manners, kindness, politeness and respect. Love is all very well in itself, but without respect for oneself and others, there are no values at all.”

“At secondary school I was the first girl in Yorkshire to sit for the General Certificate of Education. I started the full syllabus in the fourth year, staying on a further term and passed in English Language, English Literature and French. To my school it was a great achievement. To me, it was something I was committed to do.”

“When I was 60, my husband of 36 years of marriage passed away quite suddenly and I was left feeling very unsure of the future. I started to write stories about my dog Ben and my cat Sam-Puss.”

Nana Cooper and Cockington Village

“The beautiful village of Cockington in South Devon was a great favourite of our family. We used to take our grand-daughter there and have picnics by the cricket pitch and the lakes. My stories are inspired around those memories and my happy childhood, my beloved animals and the beautiful village of Cockington.

“Every week I present my own radio show where I introduce ‘Children’s Hour with Nana Cooper’ – A lovely opportunity to read my stories to listeners from all over the world. Currently thousands tune in to my programme every Wednesday.

“The future? With over 100 stories written so far, the best is yet to come.” She says confidently.

Nana Cooper, author and radio presenter for children

Nana Cooper presents her stories weekly on the radio, reading tales of Ben and Sam-Puss to thousands of delighted children. Now available to buy as downloadable audio files read by Nana Cooper herself.

Nana Cooper’s Introduction.